Praise & Case Studies

"Shari is incredible to work with. Her energy, knowledge, insight, enthusiasm and creativity brings priceless value to the projects she touches. I have worked with Shari on multiple projects for my specialty natural foods company. She helped me with re-branding, public relations and vision. She helped me with my movement! Her re-branding assistance helped us get into new big chain stores and her unique insight is still contributing to our bottom line. The money I spent working with her was well worth it! I just love working with her. "  ---Julie Nirvelli, Founder & Chief Dare Devil for Winking Girls Foods 

*recently sold to Tres Latin Foods

Natural Foods Company Discovers

Their Vision

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Husband & Wife TV Show Hosts Find Direction & Focus

"Shari is not only a joy to be around, she is a master at digging deep and getting right to the point in the most professional yet candid way. Rodman and I have struggled to take our PBS television show to the next level because we’ve had similar, yet different visions. Being a husband and wife team adds a unique dynamic and we needed someone strong enough, who we both trusted, to lead us down a path to truly reflect on why we were creating this show and where our hearts were guiding us next. After working with Shari, we felt reinvigorated to unfold our movement in a way that honored each of our unique gifts.  We are confident, and slightly giddy, now that we have renewed direction and focus.  It is also magical to see the other pieces of the puzzle fall into place once we said our vision out loud." – Gina Schley, Host of Urban Conversion  *Season 3 completed see case study below

Global Sports Tech Company Gains Big Exposure

"Shari provided us with great results.  With her assistance, we were able to expand our media presence regionally & globally. She also helped us redevelop our website, our messaging and develop informative collateral pieces to provide to our customers.  She listened to our needs and developed strategies to assist us in achieving our goals.  I would recommend Shari to anyone who wants an expert marketing and PR specialist." ---  Tina Montalbano Marketing Manager Colorado Time Systems

Naturopathic Doctor Gets A Plan

"Working with Shari was refreshing. I've talked to many business strategists and none have laid out such a thought out plan for me like Shari did.  She asked a few questions and then jumped in quickly with a list of steps that I could take to get me where I want to be in my business.  What I loved most is that she focused on my "big dream" (my WHY)  for my business. I get so mired in the details of running a naturopathic medicine practice that I sometime forget to focus on where I am heading with it.  Working with Shari was action-oriented and it was the first time I could see how I could get to where I want to be. It was just what I've been looking for."  Denise Clark N.D.

Start-Up Non-Profit Grows

"We are a small, start-up nonprofit organization who, like most early stage businesses, were narrowly focused on our business plan and painfully unfocused on creating brand and brand awareness.  Shari opened our eyes to the type of message we wanted to deliver, and broadened the horizon of those who need to hear it. She helped us start our "movement". She is patient, creative, intuitive, nurturing - and best of all, Shari knows her business. I cannot recommend Shari Kingston Adams highly enough."  Mike Hales Executive Director and Father to the Founders Chris and Matt Hales

Therapist Finally Knows What to Do

"Working with Shari was amazing.  Shari was supportive and caring.  I received more insights, direction, and "how tos" in 15 minutes with Shari than I have in sitting with other specialists or experts for hours. I finally have clarity on my next step."  Miriam Schiff Psychotherapist

Online Company That Caters To Non-Profits Expands

“Every time I meet with Shari, she comes up with breakthrough ideas on how we can expand and evolve our brand.  I’ve gotten invaluable new ideas from her and find myself always saying, I never thought of that. Her insight into non-profits has helped us tremendously. Shari isn’t like other so-called marketing experts, she helps you create not only ideas (big and small), but enlarge your vision, provide new methods that attract your ideal market faster and help you expand into new ones. We are now in 11 regions.”Kenton Kuhn CEO of BlackTie America

Case Studies


Military Family Outdoor Retreats and Education

Their Challenge: An outdated website & brand, low social media engagement and no national media attention.

Shari was initially hired to develop, manage and grow this military families non-profit's social media platforms.  During her contract she also became their marketing & PR specialist to help them grow their reach among military families and new potential donors while improving brand awareness. Initially, she focused on social media only.  She developed their social media plan, editorial calendar, created a new look & feel, re-branded how the non-profit posted in social media, created unique messaging and quickly all social media platforms increased in engagements, praise & followers. She also re-designed, re-branded & re-launched their online newsletter. She re-booted their blog by creating a plan for guest bloggers and created their editorial plan and also wrote several blog posts. She started creating content for their public relations, website, marketing, newsletter, articles and presentations. She developed and managed their (online & digital) Colorado Gives Campaign two years and each year donations increased as much as 30%.  She helped in the vision, look & feel, planning & messaging of their new website.  She developed email campaigns for all of their giving campaigns and create social media advertising to support various campaigns.  She handled all of their PR and secured TV, radio, several newspaper articles nationally, online national niche media coverage and even got NY senators to attend their 100th retreat celebration. Shari's public relations, marketing, branding and messaging assisted in increasing Project Sanctuary's donations, donors, reach and national presence.


Award-winning Docu-Series airing nationally on PBS, Create TV, Amazon and Internationally

Their Challenge: They had completed two seasons but wanted a series reboot so season 3 would be in-line with what the husband/wife (show hosts) team both wanted.  They needed someone to help them.

Shari first began working with husband/wife team on helping them find their focus, direction and purpose moving forward for their TV show and personal paths.  Shari  worked with them on idea and creative development to determine the direction of their TV show project--so it included both of their passions. The hosts decided their new "life" and "show" direction would be to buy a farm in the city and use season 3 to document the house remodel and turning the land into a working flower farm. Shari became a producer on the show and helped series producer, director and hosts to research and develop the new look, feel and direction of the new season.  She also helped develop and come up with episode ideas, location scouting, story lines and securing guests.  She also focused on gaining corporate sponsors for the project.  The new season focused on the hosts buying a farm and remodeling the house -- the corporate sponsors provided product for the new home and the sponsors also appeared as guests on the series.  Shari coordinated getting the sponsors, writing up contracts and negotiating the contracts.  Shari also managed the sponsor's involvement which included, working with their teams & PR firms, procuring their products, coordinating installation of products with tradespeople, coordinating filming schedule & film shoot of sponsor's show segment. Shari will also help coordinate season 3 viewing party and public relations related to the party.  When Shari started working with the docu-series, the hosts couldn't decide if they wanted to continue their show and if they did, how to reboot it so it reflected both of them.  After working together, they were not only able to do another season but they were able to take their show to the next level in terms of vision, story-telling, creativity and quality.

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Sports Technology Company

Their Challenge: An outdated international brand with very little national and international public relations.


Shari was contracted to be Colorado Time Systems marketing and public relations specialist to help them secure more business all over the world and build brand awareness in the competitive swimming world. CTS was born in the Test and Measurement division Hewlett-Packard (HP).

Shari helped refine their branding and brand messaging. She helped in the re-branding, vision, look & feel, planning and messaging of their new website.  She secured media coverage on TV, public radio, local print, business magazines, international print and trade feature articles for London Olympics.  Worked with the swimming's international governing body (FINA) and the Pan American Games to gain international media. She also help develop print materials for their marketing and sales divisions. She also helped with special film projects at trade shows.  The publicity they gained while working with Shari for two years attracted global customers and a buyer for the company.


Health and Wellness Education

Their Challenge: A struggling start-up with unclear brand messaging and a lack of marketing direction.


We were hired by this start-up wellness educational company and New York Times best selling author to increase awareness, create support material for their coaches and attract more people to their online and live trainings.  We created content & design for their new website, health coach support materials and marketing. We provided strategic social media marketing, Master Idea branding, competitive research,  educational based marketing, program development, online marketing and internet media services. Helped them bring video into their marketing.   They have since grown into a global network of health coaches and a resource for families.  They have more than doubled their online education & certification programs.

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